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  • Have patches, sores, bumps, and other symptoms examined
  • Treat problems early on
  • Improve your outcome by acting quickly
  • If necessary, receive the specialist referral you need
  • Gain peace of mind knowing your care is our paramount concern!
dental assistant working at computer with patient in exam chair in the background

Oral Cancer Screening From Your Dentist in Pittsburgh

Have you developed one or more symptoms in your mouth or neck that are unusual for you? While the development(s) may not be a cause for concern, it’s wise to have them examined by your dentist as a preventive measure since they may be linked to more serious oral problems, including oral cancer.

Many people aren’t aware that an average of almost 11,000 of North Americans die of oral cancer each year. The best way to avoid becoming part of that statistic? Be diligent and proactive about your oral care, and ensure that any atypical symptoms are assessed as quickly as possible.