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  • Increase your smile confidence
  • Shield and protect a very damaged tooth
  • Remove the need for a dental crown in some cases
  • Treat a damaged tooth with a solid, durable restoration that’s less likely to fail
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity to fluctuating food and drink temperatures.
Dentist examining a woman's teeth

Inlay & Onlay Treatment in Pittsburgh

It used to be that the focus of all dental restorations was on function and not smile aesthetics. Thanks to a host of advanced dentistry discoveries made in recent decades, dentists are now able to deliver both function and beauty when tasked with repairing a tooth!

One of the ways dental experts deliver a pleasing aesthetic finish is by using materials that recreate the look of a natural tooth. Among these materials is composite resin, which is beneficial for dental bonding and filling mild to moderate cavities, and “inlay” and “only” materials, which are made up of a solid piece of ceramic or porcelain that protects areas affected by large cavities.